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USA center Paul Emerick will make his debut for Life University Saturday against Old Blue, lining up at the relatively unfamiliar position of inside center.

Life Head Coach James Isaacson said he’s excited to see what Emerick can do.

“He’s just joined us and is getting his feet under him,” Issacson said. “I think the skills he brings to the team will fit well with him wearing the #12 shirt. He will have less to think about at 12 and he can get some more touches of the ball and use his physicality.”

Emerick will give Isaacson the chance to rest a player as Life heads into a likely playoff spot. The Running Eagles are 4-0, and take on 0-4 Old Blue in New York. Isaacson, however, is quick to point out that Old Blue has been in every game they’ve played and their average scoreline, 18-30, does not make one think of a team that is overmatched.

“I told the guys at training that this was a huge banana skin game,” he said. “They are a good side, they have nothing to lose, and would like nothing better than to trip us up. They were ahead of NYAC at halftime, and are under no pressure. I have seen this sort of situation too often and it’s a classic upset situation if we’re not careful.”

Isaacson will certainly want his team to be careful with the ball, and, he said, “we will need maximum concentration.”