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Sitting pretty at 5-0 the Frisco Griffins won big last week, 53-19 over Alamo City to stay atop the Texas DII club league.

Leading the way last week were two players with prominent histories, as former Eagle Justin Boyd scored two tries at fullback, and longtime Dallas Harlequins Super League starter Gonzalo Ruiz scored four times from No. 8.

“When I slot into the backline, I feel really good about the support lines I am running, and things were just happening for me Saturday,” Ruiz told

Ruiz moved to play with Frisco because his job in Human Resources for Jack in the Box was demanding more of his time. He couldn’t devote the time required for Super League or high-level DI rugby, and chose to move to Frisco, but it wasn’t an easy decision.

“It was a tough decision,” he said. “Coach Mike Engelbrecht with the ‘Quins taught me pretty much everything. I learned so much from him and I look up to him. But I knew I couldn’t put in the time needed. I chose Frisco because they’re a young club, and improving, and I had heard good things about them.”

The club is delighted to have Ruiz as a leader on the squad. Club VP Kris Wagerman called him “a motivation to us all.”

Ruiz credited Engelbrecht with teaching him how to read the attack when on defense, and how to run lines that slice up defenses. Moving from Super League to DII, he has shown that such experience can translate into big scorelines.

“DII isn’t as strong as DI or Super League,” he said. “But we’re trying to get there. I enjoy this club and am glad I can help them grow.”

The Texas league takes a week off, and then on Feb 2 Frisco takes on 2-3 Bay Area while the big game is likely to be 3-1 Shreveport against 4-0 Houston United in Louisiana.