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It may not be an earth-shaking result, but Fresno's 27-24 defeat of the Sacramento Lions is a nice boost to the former DII club as they navigate Northern California's new DI league.

The victory dropped Sacramento to 3-1 (all of those games close) in Group A, and moved Fresno to 3-2 in Group B.

"It was a really tough game," said Fresno Coach Frick Fourie. "We worked really hard this past week and we just stuck to our game plan."

Fourie wanted his players to use the forwards to punch it up just a couple of times before sending it wide, as he hoped to avoid playing a bulk-on-bulk game with the Lions pack.

"We were concerned with their forwards," Fourie said. "We have experienced backs with Trenton Barnes, Jamille Jacobs and Tyler Ogden, and everyone else. But their weight and size up front required a lot from us. We had to defend for our lives, and the boys did well and put their heart and guts into it."

Fourie said he has been trying to bring a "why not us" mentality to the club.

"I know what it takes to win games at a competitive level and I want to bring that mentality to the guys and have them have confidence in their ability," he said. "Now they know they don't have to worry about size, and they know they can win games."

Santa Rosa also won on Saturday, putting them at 3-1 in Group A, while the East Palo Alto Razorbacks, who lost to Santa Rosa, drop to 3-2 in Group B.

Northern California A W L T Pf Pa Pd BT BL Pts
Sacramento Lions 3 1 0 107 91 16 4 1 17
Santa Rosa 3 1 0 153 57 96 3 1 16
SFGG 2 2 0 139 112 27 3 1 12

Northern California B W L T Pf Pa Pd BT BL Pts
EPA Razorbacks 3 2 0 140 87 53 3 0 15
Fresno 3 2 0 117 150 -33 2 0 14
San Jose 1 3 0 101 109 -8 2 1 7
Diablo Gaels 0 4 0 56 207 -151 2 0 2