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There are seven crossover playoff matches in DI this weekend, as the Northeast squares off against the Mid-Atlantic and the Midwest plays the South. In the MARFU/NRU games, the higher seed hosts. In the South/Midwest, the top South seed, the Altanta Renegades, hosts the Midwest four seed, Metropolis. The top Midwest seed, Palmer, gets a bye to the Round of 16, while Charlotte (South #3) and Boca Raton (South #2) travel to Chicago and Cincinnati, respectively, per USA Rugby's Competitions Committee's ruling on the South DI structure.

Long Island (NRU 4) @ Norfolk Blues (MARFU1)
New York RC (NRU 3) @ PAC (MARFU 2)
NOVA (MARFU 4) @ Mystic River (NRU 1)
Raleigh (MARFU 3) @ Boston Irish Wolfhounds (NRU 2)

Metropolis (Midwest 4) @ Renegades (South 1)
Charlotte (South 3) @ Chicago Lions (Midwest 2)
Boca Raton (South 2) @ Cincinnati (Midwest 3)

9 of 16 playoff spots will be filled in DII this weekend, with the South, West and Midwest determining their champs and seeds. The Mid-Atlantic trims its remaining contenders to four with Saturday quarterfinals. The Southern California and Northeastern seeds have already been determined, and the Pacific Coast playoffs are May 7-8.

Portland, Eastside Tsunami and ORSU punched their ticket to the PacCoast playoffs this past weekend, with Portland defeating Tsunami 24-21 to take the PNRFU title, and ORSU taking third over Chuckanut Bay.  

The Old Aztecs booked a return trip to National Round of 16 by winning Southern California, and Middlesex qualifies for the dance for the second-consecutive year by finishing second in the Northeast. 2010 finalists Tampa Bay Krewe and Doylestown are still in the hunt for repeated berths, as are Brandywine, the Chicago Blaze, SFGG, Santa Rosa, New Orleans and Ft. Worth.

The two territories granted a third seed to Nationals this year are the Pacific Coast and West. The PacCoast earned their extra bid by having all their teams win in the 2010 Round of 16, two of which made the semifinals. However, the West supplied just one Sweet 16 winner last season, Omaha, while the South supplied the same amount, National champ Tampa Bay Krewe, and the Mid-Atlantic advanced two teams to the quarterfinals, including National runner-up Doylestown.   

SOUTH (Lakeland, Fla.)

Tampa Bay Krewe vs. Atlanta Old White
Greenville vs. New Orleans

WEST (Austin, Tx.)

Tulsa vs. Albuquerque
Ft. Worth vs. Northern Colorado

MIDWEST (Cottage Grove, Wisc.)

Buffalo vs. Wisconsin
Chicago Blaze vs. Dayton

MARFU (Hosted by higher seed) (Semis and Final May 7-8 at Brandywine)

Doylestown (North 1) vs. Frederick (South 4)
Jersey Shore (North 2) vs. Washington Irish (South 3)
Rocky Gorge (South 1) vs. Wilmington (North 4)
Severn River (South 2) vs. Brandywine (North 3)

Defending DIII National Champ OMBAC will not repeat in 2011, as the three Southern California playoff teams have already been determined. Their seeding hasn’t, but it will be after this weekend. The only game left on the SoCal schedule features second-place Beaumont vs. third-place Ventura. Either can supplant first-place South Bay Rhinos with a win, but the Rhinos can do no worse than third.

While OMBAC’s second side cannot repeat, there are still some clubs’ second sides still in the running, to the chagrin of many DIII competitors, especially those who fell in OMBAC’s wake in 2010. New Orleans, Metropolis and the Kansas City Blues are fielding second sides in DIII territorial playoffs this weekend.

Notable teams from the 2010 National playoffs hoping to return to the Sweet 16 again this year are the 2010 runner-up St. Louis Royals, 2009 champs Northern State, Virginia, DARC and Old Gaelic.  

SOUTH (Lakeland, Fla.)
Bragg vs. Gainesville
Columbus vs. New Orleans B

WEST (Austin, Tx.)

Northern State (GPRFU 1) vs. DARC (Texas 2)
Austin (Texas 1) vs. Sioux Falls (GPRFU 2)
St. Louis (Missouri 1) vs. Wichita (HOA 2)
Clovis Nomads (Rio Grande 1) vs. KC Blues II (HOA 1)

MIDWEST (Cottage Grove, Wisc.)

Cleveland Eastern Suburbs vs. Cincinnati Kelts
Metropolis Killer Bees vs. Green Bay Celts

MARFU DIII (Hosted by higher seed) (Semis and Finals May 7-8 at James River)

Virginia vs. Hibernians
Old Gaelic vs. James River
North Penn vs. Washington Renegades
North Bay vs. Blacksburg