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The Glendale Raptors rebounded from their tie with Kansas City last week to beat Boulder 61-20 Saturday in Glendale.

It wasn't a perfect performance, by any means, as Glendale were slow to get out of the blocks and fell behind 7-0. James Paterson scored a try and Justin Pauga scored two to get Glendale ahead, but at halftime it was only 17-10 Raptors.

Having been admonished by coach Mark Bullock during the week not to look past winless Boulder, Glendale likely got another version of that speech during the break. Certainly they got going in the tries department. 

Tyler Siegel kicked two penalties to make it 23-10 and Ryan Chapman, Max Statler, Dewon Reed, Nic Johnson, Statler again, and then Daryl Furling all scored, with Boulder running in 1. Siegel added a conversion and Andre Bachelet three.

Glendale improves to 3-0-1 in the West Men' DI North.