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With all the talk about the Dallas Reds and New Orleans leading the Red River DI Conference, it's easy to miss the fact that the Houston Athletic Rugby Club is lurking in 3rd place, with a game in hand over those other two.

This weekend, HARC takes on a tough Griffins team out of Frisco, Texas. The Griffins are 2-4-1 but HARC Head Coach Jason Van Wyk said the long trip to Frisco isn't easy.

"It's a big game for us away," said Van Wyk. "It's a long journey, but of course everyone has to do it. I take my hat off to all players in the USA who make these kinds of trips."

HARC has been bolstered by some player additions, notably former All Americans Hunter Leland and Dean Gericke. They have electrified the backline. But it's what has happened up front and in the players' heads that has really made things change.

"We've always been strong up front, and the backs have been bolstered, and our forwards are working well as a unit," said Van Wyk. "But the guys have now learned they can play against the best and beat them. The guys are now fired up."

HARC will be without Gericke this weekend, as he is at the USA domestic camp. But Van Wyk says that's just part of doing business.

"Every weekend we're down one or two players so it's

dififcult, but we're used to it," he said. "Our DII team is playing well (they are 5-0), and that's really good for team depth."