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The Tampa Krewe defeated New Orleans 37-19 Sunday to win the South DII club title.

That win followed shutouts by both teams in the semis on Saturday – Tampa battled Atlanta Old White 18-0, and New Orleans crushed Greenville 73-0.

“I thought that semi was good for us,” said Tampa Head Coach Dai Morgan. “They were very physical and wouldn’t let us play the wide-open game we wanted to. We were able to pull away once our subs came in, but it was tough.”

Morgan said his subs have been a key to the team’s success this year.

“We have a true squad of 23 guys, and the subs make it very hard to select the starting 15 each time,” he said. “That’s been the key for us.”

Against New Orleans, Tampa turned the tables, being the team that was physical and controlled the game with their tight five. The excellent backline of New Orleans was able to score three tries, but couldn’t explode the way they had on Saturday.

“We gave our Man of the Match away to our pack,” said Morgan. “All of them, all ten players, including subs, were outstanding.”

Flyhalf Daragh Carr was also solid, missing just one kick, slotting a couple of drop goals, and generally keeping the scoreboard ticking over. Leslie Mango and Tyler Cathey helped lead from the front.

“We really enjoyed playing New Orleans, they are a very good club and a class act,” said Morgan. “But we’re thrilled to win and the boys have been working very hard. We’re looking forward to the sweet 16 in Manassas.”

The Krewe are set to play Northeast #2 Middlesex, while New Orleans will take on Midwest champs Buffalo.