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The Las Vegas Slots are making some history as they make their debut in a national championship weekend.

The Slots starts their national championship quest Friday morning against Severn River, and it’s the first time they will be playing at this level. 

“We are all really excited for this weekend,” said Las Vegas club president Alexis Kadolph. “It’s almost unexplainable the amount of energy we have had these last few weeks before coming down here. Our team has been working very hard in preparation for this and we are looking forward to seeing it all come together.”

Such excitement can threaten to overwhelm the players, so they are emphasizing unity.

“The most important thing for our team right now is to play as one,” said Kadolph. “We have a lot of strong individual players. All we need is to have faith that each player will step on that field and do work in their position and trust each other to do the same.”

Several players have made improvements over the season. Prop forward Jeruscha Ako is the one who gets the team going forward, whether on offense or defense. Behind her scrumhalf Lo Stender has been a big asset to the team, supporting the breakdown. Chris Gonzalez has been shining lately as fullback, showcasing her speed, agility, and skills in fielding and making kicks.

The Slots moved Melissa Cordero from scrumhalf to flanker and she unleashed the ferocity they were hoping to see.

Sisters Khristy and Krsiten Gaines are a deadly combination at outside center and wing, respectively.

“I can't wait to see some of their moves this weekend,” said Kadolph. “Everyone on our team has really impressed me this past season and I can't wait to see them lay it all on the field this weekend. We are ready to step on that field Friday and show Severn Rivers what Vegas has to bring to the table.”