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There aren't too many intra-city rivalries that are as passionate as the Chicago Lions vs. the Chicago Griffins.

NYAC vs. Old Blue and Denver vs. Glendale might be as good, but that's about it. Most intra-city rivalries feature two teams that don't like each other much, but one team that wins almost all the time. The Lions against the Griffins is a back-and-forth game that has no clear favorite, ever.

"It comes down to whoever wants it more," said Lions scrumhalf Dave Selimos. "I think that's the big difference in each game, and it doesn't matter if it's a league game or not, or if one team has a better record; the team that wins wanted it more."

The Lions come into this weekend's clash have kust edged Cincinnati 25-20 last week. They got a big game from new flyhalf Dave Koehneman, who has been with the club for a while, but wasn't always able to play due to work. Now with some seniority in the office, he is able to commit more to rugby, and put in a Man of the Match performance.

With a solid influx of players from Dayton University, where the coaching staff has done well to drill the players in basic skills, the Lions look to keep improving. But ... it won't be easy against the Griffins this week.

Head Coach of the Lions, Marty Wiggins, said the rivalry games are always classics.

"No one ever gives up," he said. "This is a game that's almost never a blowout, because it means a lot no matter the circumstances. Both teams play all the way through. I'd like to see us make our opporunities count more. The Griffins went down to Palmer, which is never an easy ask, and won. So we know it will be tough."