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The Mid-America DII competition is one of the tightest in the country, with three of the league’s four teams still in the running to win it or secure one of two playoff bids.

The first-place St. Louis Bombers are 6-2 in league play with no games left to play. Kansas City is 5-1 with two games left. Omaha is 3-2 with three games left. All three could win the league, or miss out on the postseason altogether – the first round of which is the ACR3 semifinals May 3-4 with the top two teams out of the Eastern Rockies.

Saturday’s match between the Omaha Goats and Kansas City in Overland Park, Kan. will go a long way toward deciding the league. If Kansas City wins, it’s into the postseason and Omaha's out. Kansas City's final league game against Bremer County would then decide whether it or the Bombers took the top seed to the ACR3 semifinals.

If Omaha beats Kansas City (and they'll presumably score a bonus-point win over the last-place St. Louis Ramblers April 5) then the Midwest's Bremer County Bucks would play a big role in deciding the playoff picture of a league they’re not a part of.

Because the Mid-America has just four teams (Tulsa bolted last summer for the Red River Conference), it was determined each team would have to play two out-of-conference games against DII teams that would count toward the league table. None of the Mid-America teams played the same two teams, but both City and Omaha have matches left with Bremer County – the Goats April 12 and Kansas City April 5.

Kansas City won the first meeting with the Goats in Omaha last fall, but by just three, and that’s with Omaha’s best player, No. 8 Jake Bowers, being shown a red card early in the second half. The Goats had possession of the ball in the attacking end when time expired, and an errant drop goal attempt gave City the win.

Omaha is fresh off a 36-0 loss to the Bombers in St. Louis, while City has a 40-13 win over the Eastside Banshees and a 34-17 victory over the Ramblers under its belt this spring.