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After a final weekend of action in the Mid-Atlantic men’s DII club competition, and despite one weather cancellation, the playoff picture is basically clear.

In the North, Doylestown slammed Jersey Shore to finish the season 6-0 and clinch 1st. Who is 2nd and 3rd is yet to be determined, as the Roses of Lancaster, Pa., have one more match, against 2-3 Blackthorn in the spring.

If the Roses garner two points from that game, such as a tie, a close loss with four tries, or a win (which gives them four or five), they will be 2nd. But a bad loss will mean Wilmington holds onto 2nd. Most likely, it appears the Roses will move to 2nd, and Wilmington, which finished at 4-2, will be third. Brandywin has clinched 4th.

In the South, Rocky Gorge’s match against Western Suburbs was called off, but it didn’t matter, as Rocky Gorge, 4-0, stays 1st. Washington Irish are 2nd.

The only match played in the conference was Severn River v. Richmond. Both teams were 2-2 and the winner was going to take 3rd. Severn River won 24-22. Richmond is 4th.

Here, then are the playoff matchups for April 21, 2012:
Richmond at Doylestown
Severn River at Wilmington or Roses (most likely Roses)
Brandywine at Rocky Gorge
Wilmington or Roses (most likely Wilmington) at Washington Irish