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Media Rugby Club did as much as they could. Now all they can do it wait.

The Pennsylvania club won 52-32 over Raleigh to earn a bonus point for four tries, and improve to 5-4 in the Mid-Atlantic RFU Di club league. Former Temple All American Gareth Jones scored three tries and Brian McCorkle scored two in the victory. Raleigh did well to score 32 points, but in the end that didn’t matter. Media needed tries and a win to have a hope of a playoff spot.

That puts them in fourth right now with 27 standings points. They will now have to wait until next spring to find out if Schuylkill River can catch them.

SR is 4-3 and will play two games next March, against undefeated PAC and 4-4 NOVA, also winners this weekend. Schuylkill needs to beat NOVA and get a bonus point from that game or against PAC to have a shot at the playoffs.

Here’s how Schuylkill can move to fourth:
1. Beat NOVA and get a bonus point from NOVA or PAC, AND have the points difference from those two games exceed 70 points.

2. Beat NOVA and tie PAC

3. Beat NOVA with a bonus points, and get a bonus point from PAC for four tries or from a close loss.

4. Beat both PAC and NOVA.

Schuylkill River plays PAC first, on March 24, and therefore if they lose with no bonus points their job is simple, if difficult: beat NOVA, score four tries, and win by 71 points + their losing margin against PAC.