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After finishing 6-2 and winning their pool in the Midwest, the Minneapolis club realizes now that they could be undone with one bad day. The Columbus Rugby Club will have to survive a 14-hour drive to do it, but with an offense that is getting better throughout the fall, they could upend one of the Midwest’s favorites, and leave them without any more meaningful games.

“We talked about it this week,” said Metropolis Head Coach Nate Osborn. “We’ve played well and we’re 6-2 and they are 3-5, but if we have one bad day, we’re done until next fall. We don’t want that to happen.”

Metropolis might have been shaken by their 27-23 loss to the Chicago Griffins last week, but Osborn was not. He rested about ten regular starters, and even then his team almost won the game.

“The guys were disappointed to lose, but they were excited as well, because we put in a bunch of younger players and they competed really well,” he said. “I think they did a really good job and it showcased to everyone how we need 25 of us to make this work.”

Metropolis will start their regular 15 this weekend, with players rested and ready to go now. They feel the urgency.

“We know we can’t afford to have an off day,” he said. “We have to execute, and we have to, I think, start well. It’s very difficult to travel a long way and play, so we know it won’t be easy for Columbus. We have tried to accommodate them.”

Metropolis moved their kickoff time to 3pm so that Columbus wouldn’t have a horrendously early start, just a very early start.

But the trip will be tough, and Metropolis, which is averaging well over 30 points a game, should be welcoming only in the kickoff time and the post-match social.