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Dropkick photos

In one of the most exciting and dramatic men’s club matches played in Minneapolis in some time, Metropolis held off a determined Chicago Lions squad to win 36-31 and secure 2nd place in the Midwest Western Conference standings.

The Lions held most of the possession, but Metropolis made them work for every meter. The determination on defense helped Metropolis weather a constant Lions storm, and produced several turnovers that led to tries.

The most impressive of these was a turnover from a ruck five meters from the Minneapolis club’s line, which was turned into a 95-meter movement culminating in a try.

With the score 36-31, the Lions were once again on the doorstep, hoping to secure at least a tie, and possibly the win. But the Metropolis forwards turned the ball over and a kick to touch ended the match.

The teams are now deadlocked with 27 points in the standings. However, the Lions lose out head-to-head against Metropolis (having lost to them twice), and Metropolis has a game left, while Chicago’s regular season is done.

Meanwhile, league leaders Palmer can’t be complacent as they could be bumped down to 2nd with a loss next week and a Metropolis win.

That seems unlikely, but this game was big anyway. Securing 2nd means Metropolis can win the #2 seed from the Midwest into the Midwest-South crossovers (and thus a home game). The Lions, guaranteed 3rd in the Midwest-West, can now only claim the #4 seed, and to do that they will have to win two playoff matches.

Also in the Midwest-West the Chicago Blaze defeated the Milwaukee Westside Harlequins 30-10, ensuring the Wisconsin side will have to play off to avoid relegation to DII.