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The Middlesex Barbarians DII club has requested a move up to DI in New England for the 2012 fall season, and was granted that move in a unanimous vote by the DI New England clubs last week.

New England likes to keep their leagues with even numbers (thus giving every team a league match every weekend), and the move left DII with 11 teams. However, Saratoga volunteered to drop to DIII, while Mad River asked for, and received, a move up from DIV to DIII.

The New England divisions for next season, then are:

Men D1
1 Amoskeag
2 Boston Irish
3 Boston Men
4 Hartford
5 Middlesex
6 Mystic
7 New Haven
8 South Shore

Men D2
1 Albany
2 Boston Irish D2
3 Burlington
4 Charles River
5 Newport
6 North Shore
7 Old Gold
8 Portland
9 Providence
10 Worcester

Men D3
1 Framingham
2 Harvard Business
4 Monadnock
5 New London
6 Rutland
7 Seacoast
8 Springfield
9 Saratoga
10 Mad River

Men D4
1 Bennington
2 Berkshire
3 Cape Cod
4 Ironsides
5 Old Gold B's
6 Possible new team