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The Northern California executive committee ruled Monday that head-to-head is the first tiebreaker to determine their league standings, making Fresno champs of the NorCal DII competition. There was some confusion in regards to whether head-to-head or point differential would determine the league, thus prompting the vote, which was unanimous, 7-0, in favor of head-to-head. 

At the end of regular season play, Fresno was tied in league points with Santa Rosa, both 8-1, having defeated Santa Rosa earlier this month. Both advance to the Pacific Coast playoffs May 7-8 at Treasure Island in San Francisco, but the ruling could prove to be significant. Only the highest-seeded winners from day one of the PacCoast playoffs have a shot at the territory's top two seeds on day two. Meaning, as NorCal #1, Fresno advances to the PacCoast championship with a win against seventh-seeded Eastside Tsunami, while Santa Rosa needs to beat Red Mountain and hope for a Portland or Fresno loss.

The Pacific Coast gets three bids to Nationals, and after NorCal's decision and the Pacific Northwest tournament, which concluded Sunday, the PacCoast field is set.

1 Portland #1 vs 8 ORSU #3
2 Fresno (NorCal #1) vs 7 Eastside Tsunami #2
3 Santa Rosa (NorCal #2) vs. 6 Red Mountain (Arizona #2)
4 SFGG (NorCal #3) vs. 5 Tempe (Arizona #1)