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The Northern California teams dominated in the Pacific Coast DII club playoffs this weekend, winning three out of the four first-day matches.

The only game not won by a NorCal team was between two teams from the Pacific Northwest.

SFGG battled Tempe in an interesting game. Tempe, the Arizona champs, led 11-7 before SFGG exploded for 43 points in the second half to win 50-21. Andre Asuega scored three tries for SFGG as they pulled away. The increasingly intense wind really hurt Tempe in the second half.

Portland and ORSU were tied at half 12-12 but Portland edged away 20-12, helped in large part by a series of ORSU penalties.

Meanwhile Santa Rosa defeated Red Mountain 34-12 and Fresno won easily of the Tsunmi 32-0.

The way the PCRFU playoffs work, the top two remaining seeds play for 1st and 2nd, with the other two Saturday winners playing for the #3 seed to the national playoffs.

So Portland takes on Fresno in the #1/#2 game. Santa Rosa plays SFGG for the #3 seed.