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NYAC or Boston will move to 3-1 this weekend unless there's a tie.

Defending Super League champs NYAC have looked solid enough in winning two of their first three, but know that if they drop this game against Boston, they could be looking at not making the playoffs.

"I think Boston might feel they can knock us off, and rightly so," said NYAC Head Coach Mike Tolkin. "They're a good team and they're playing well."

NYAC received a blow last week with the injury of flyhalf/center Troy Hall. Hall's attacking flair has been a big part of the AC attack, but they will soldier on without him.

"It's a bigger injury than most," said Tolkin. "But we've always looked on how we approach this competition and every game as a team effort. We play as a team, and it's the team aspect that's given us success. We're going at it the same way now."

Boston lost to league leaders Life 30-18. NYAC lost 20-8. So it's a 12-point deficit for both. They both beat Old Blue, Boston by 17, NYAC by 16. There is not much between the two.