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For Olympic Club, this weekend feels like the first game.

Even though the Bay Area club has played a few games already, including a 68-25 loss to SFGG's Super League team last week, this Saturday's clash with the EPA Bulldogs fells, said Head Coach Ray Lehner, like the beginning of the season.

"The intensity is up, and the numbers are up," Lehner told "We had two good trainings going into this weekend. So we'll see."

Lehner was fairly pleased with how last weekend's match went with SFGG. He said he felt his squad competed well in the first half and perhaps had the measure of the defending RSL champs at the breakdown.

"But I don't know what Coach Keeler told them at halftime, but they really started to break out in the second half," said Lehner. "It was a try every six or seven minutes. SFGG is a great club, but I felt we did some good things."

Lehner looks ahead to the Bulldogs and says he knows very little about that team, and, really, that's OK.

"In the past couple of years we've know what we can do, and so we spent a lot of time looking at the opposition and how they matched up with us," Lehner said. "But this year we're looking inward much more. We're worrying about us doing the things that make us successful. We're adjusting. We are not as forward-dominant as we have been. That's not a weakness, but it is something that requires an adjustment."