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O-Club essentially told the Northern California league that they were not ready to start earlier in January, and protested that the current league season was too long. As a result, they forfeited their first two games, receiving penalty points deductions as punishment. This is all part of the transition pains the club is going through. A new coach, and some noticeable player turnover is part of that, too.

Other changes include their home field. Olympic Club now trains and plays on Treasure Island, sharing the field with the local Gaelic football team, and across the street from rivals SFGG.

Former Eagle Ray Lehner has moved on from coaching Olympic Club, and another former Eagle, Philippe Farner, has taken over the coaching helm. Longtime stalwarts such as Andrew Armstrong, KOrt Schubert and Carl Hansen have also stepped away, and the team is decidedly younger than it has been. 

"It's a new generation of players, to a certain extent," said team manager Scott Compton, who used to be USA national team director before working for the All Blacks in New Zealand. "We have a lot of young players coming in, and since we haven't really played a game in anger yet, it will be interesting to see how they all fit together."

Those players include an impressive front row of Mike MacDonald, Will Johnson, and Matt Crawford. Those first two are capped Eagles, MacDonald the most-capped Eagle of all time, while Johnson stepped away from the game for a time last year. Crawford is an All American from St. Mary's (undercutting, somewhat, the heavy Cal influence in the club). Another All American front-rower, Andrew King, is also on the roster, giving O-Club a solid foundation up front.

Also key in the forwards will be Steven Patch, who will likely play lock and run the Olympic Club lineout. 

In the backs, former Bears are everywhere. Keegan Engelbrecht should be the flyhalf while Logan Howard will probably play scrumhalf. Dustin Muhn remains a terror on offense as a wing.

But last week Olympic Club didn't exactly unleash the terror. In their first appearance on the field they were handled easily by St. Mary's College of California. The Gaels have had plenty more on-field time than Olympic Club, which treated the day like a scrimmage, but the 53-11 scoreline was still sobering.

Now O-Club has a shot at starting over. They do so with negative standings points due to the forfeitures, but victories will still put them in playoff position.

"We wanted a short, intense season and we've got one," said Compton. "We play SFGG and Old Puget Sound, and the road the playoffs might be a bit narrower, but we're glad to move forward and try to get there. Right now all we can do is try to get better each week."