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Olympic Club became the third Pacific Coast RFU DI club to win in the Round of 32 this weekend, defeating a difficult Los Angeles team on Treasure Island in San Francisco.

The game was played in a 50 mph crosswind that played havoc with long passes, kicks to touch, and lineout throws. The wind caused a humorous moment at the end of the match. Informed that time was up, Olympic Club kicked the ball sideways into touch to end the game, but the gusts blew the ball back infield, forcing both clubs to continue to play for three more minutes until the ball was finally dead.

Olympic Club led 9-0 at halftime thanks to three Keegan Engelbrecht penalty goals, and ran in three tries to LA’s two to win 28-12.

“LA is a really physical and tough team,” said Olympic Club Head Coach Ray Lehner, in admiration. “Their defense was really organized and they command a lot of respect in the ruck. If you don’t go into those rucks low and in numbers, you’re asking for trouble. They brought some salt and pepper to the breakdown.”

Olympic Club survived through the set piece. Their scrum was solid and their lineout truly outstanding, with lock Andrew Armstrong automatic in the air, and Kort Schubert strong as well.

O-C used that to orchestrate a number of catch-and-mauls which sapped the LA pack’s strength and got the hosts going forward.

“It was a good game, but you could really see how Los Angeles had been playing solid, tough games for the past several weeks and we hadn’t played in a month,” said Lehner.

Olympic Club is now set to play the Dallas Reds in the Round of 16 in two weeks.