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“That is what we are looking at as one of our goals,” added Pate Tuilevuka, last year’s club captain. “We aren’t just here to be in the league, we have set winning the Super League as one of our goals.”

Josh Osborn has stepped in as captain of the team, and Tuilevuka likes the pick.

“Josh is from the Northwest, and he knows how the guys talk and how they think,” said the former Eagle. “He’s a great player, quiet, leads by example. He’s the typical Pacific Northwest rugby player, and that’s what we need.”

The entire preseason has been geared toward trying to make their rugby more intense. Beach cannot afford to ease into the season, and Tuilevuka said they won’t.

“The one thing we have is our partnership with the Seattle club,” he said. “We can scrimmage against them, and the training sessions get pretty intense. That’s what we have to have because we haven’t played a league game yet. With Utah dropping out we are just starting now. I know all the guys are really eager to play a league game.”

And they’re not just planning on making up the numbers. OPSB hosts the Chicago Griffins this weekend in Seattle.