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With USA 7s hopefuls not on the Pan-Am squad unable to play as a defined unit somewhere, those players have sought out opportunities of their own.

Several players with Eagle aspirations are with the Tackling Hunger Tigers as they go to the Safari 7s in Nairobi, Kenya.

Meanwhile, a small group of players: Pate Tuilevuka, Justin Boyd, Mile Craigwell and Andrew Durutalo are all in Sri Lanka for the Carlton Super 7s.

The Carlton tournament is an interesting event vaguely reminiscent of the old Harlotfest, only as a higher level. Teams bring in foreign coaches and three foreign players per squad. The teams have an NFL-style draft to select players.

In the first tournament, the Southern Sharks won the final. But that’s not all of it, as the Carlton Super 7s actually covers two weekends. This coming weekend, the teams will go at it again.

It’s a chance for players to get some competition in and exposure to some international play, as well.