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The Potomac Athletic Club clinched 1st place in the Mid-Atlantic DI club league with a decidedly imperfect 38-20 victory over Schuylkill River Saturday.

Schuylkill River, by virtue of scoring four unconverted tries, kept their playoff hopes alive. Now they need to beat NOVA with a bonus point, and they can bypass Media for 4th.

Meanwhile PAC will take the victory, but captain and all-everything Brian Olmes said his team could have played better.

“Schuylkill came out switched on,” Olmes told “They were running hard, making good tackles, holding us up – all the things we wanted to do. We got caught up in complaining about the referee, and we stopped playing rugby.”

At halftime the PAC players agreed to let the ref do the refereeing and worry about their own problems.

“We knew we had to cut that crap out and start doing our jobs,” he said. “We came out and scored two or three tries right after halftime and that changed the game around. Still, I was not really happy with the performance. We can’t spend that much time blaming somebody else.”

Schuylkill River, led by former PAC player Pat Boyle, was tough and not easy to shake, and will take the positives from this match into their final game.

Meanwhile, the PAC victory drops the Norfolk Blues to 2nd in the league, and confirms the Pittsburgh Harlequins for 3rd. Only Media and Schuylkill River can take the 4th playoff spot, with SR needing to win with a bonus point to take it from their Pennsylvania rivals.