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New York's Trevor Cassidy going for the line. Ed Brydon photo

The MetNY and New England regular seasons come to a close Saturday, and there’s still plenty of room for shakeup in the standings.

In New England, the Boston Irish Wolfhounds clinch the top seed with a win over rival Boston. The Wolfhounds also take the top seed if Mystic River and South Shore lose or tie Saturday.

If Boston Irish banks less than two bonus points in a loss, but South Shore and Mystic River both bank a bonus-point win, which is expected, South Shore takes first place, Mystic second and Boston third, because South Shore holds the head-to-head tiebreaker over Mystic River.

If Boston Irish banks two bonus points in a loss, and South Shore and Mystic River both score a bonus-point win, then a three-way tie will be decided by point differential. The Wolfhounds are currently +92, South Shore +71 and Mystic River -14.

The same three-way tie goes into effect if the Wolfhounds bank one bonus point in a loss and South Shore and Mystic River don’t bonus point in wins.

If the Wolfhounds should end up tied in the standings with just South Shore, they’ll win the head-to-head tiebreaker. If they end up tied with just Mystic River, Mystic River wins the tiebreaker.

In the MetNY, Monmouth has the top seed locked up, regardless of how they do against Old Blue Saturday, while idle White Plains has to patiently await its destiny.

NYRC should be able to beat the winless Village Lions and capture second place. However, a NYRC loss could find them in fourth place behind Long Island and White Plains and out of the playoff picture.

If Long Island beats Morris and does not bonus point, and NYRC fails to register two bonus points in a loss, NYRC finishes fourth, LIRFC third and White Plains second. If LIRFC and NYRC wind up tied in points, NYRC holds the head-to-head advantage. If LIRFC beats Morris and bonus points, they’ll get to 15 points, in which case they’ll supplant White Plains with a head-to-head advantage.

The top seed from both the MetNY and New England receive a bye in the crossover playoffs, while the second seed from MetNY crosses over against the third seed from New England, and vice versa, in the quarterfinals.

The top four teams from Northeast advance to the national round of 32, where they’ll crossover against the Mid-Atlantic.