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Put it out of your mind – that’s the message for the Life Running Eagles as they prepare to face the Chicago Lions in Georgia this weekend.

Put out of your mind the fact that Life is undefeated and the Lions are 2-1, having won one of those games by only two points. Put out of your mind the fact the Lions just lost at home. Put out of your mind the fact that Chicago already traveled to Life this year, and got smoked for their pains.

“It doesn’t matter,” said Life center Tui Osborne. “We know it’s a different Lions team coming to play us this week. The Lions have the ability to control the entire game, and they’ve just lost, and I think that will make them hungrier.”

Osborne is part of an adventurous backline that hasn’t seen a lot of opportunity for adventure in recent weeks. That’s partly due to the weather, partly due to what the defenses are giving the team, and partly due to game plan.

“We want to play in their half and we’ve got some players who can kick really well,” Osborne told “So that’s something we try to do every game. But if the backs get good ball and we’ve got room to run, you know we love to run!”

Having already defeated NYAC in possibly the biggest game of the season, Life is in excellent shape to win the Super League East. But that can disappear fast.

“We know Chicago has nothing to lose, this is a huge game for them,” said Osborne. “So we have to be ready. We know we’re playing well. I personally am really enjoying myself. We are improving every game, which we need to do. But other teams are improving too.”

That conference isn’t won yet.