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Leading the Atlantis team this weekend, he took the squad through a 3-0 run in pool play, followed by a close loss in the semis before bowing out to Old Puget Sound Beach for 4th at the Victoria 7s.

Despite the unfortunate end, it was a creditable showing for the team, made up of developing 7s Eagles, most of whom are still in college.

“From my perspective, several players played very well including Carlin Isles who, with almost no rugby experience, showed world class speed and the ability to learn a new game quickly,” said Signes.

Isles is a football/track convert. But he wasn’t the only highlight. Signes said he’d will demur to USA coach Alex Magleby on player assessments, but he was pleased with the team as a whole.

“It was a great group of young guys to be associated with, and I was proud and honored that they represented Atlantis so well,” said Signes. “I think the guys struggled a bit early in the tournament putting the defense together; in the end, though, our defense was clicking. If not for one lost ball in injury time against the Maple Leafs we would have been in the final against a team that we had already beaten - British Columbia.”

It wasn’t to be, certainly, but this Atlantis team was in action to get the players some international-quality experience. Maple Leafs was full of Canadian internationals. OPSB was full of USA and Fijian internationals. Atlantis had some All Americans, and a couple of players who have a small amount of USA experience either in camp or on the field. They were playing catchup in experience, and in working as a unit.

“Overall,” said Signes, “it was a tremendous effort from a bunch of young guys that had never played together, and were learning new ways to play. I was pleased.”