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The Snake River Rugby Club did not make the big move they wanted to make over the weekend, as they played a two-match series against ORSU and Portland, their two main rivals in the DII Club Pacific Northwest - South.

A sweep by the Idaho team would have put them at 7-1, and a game ahead of of the other two teams. Instead, they lost to ORSU 21-16 on Saturday, giving up a try in the final minutes.

Snake then rebounded to win a tough game 13-10 over Portland in extremely muddy conditions.

"We had a lot of territory and got penalties, but we couldn't really kick because it was so muddy," said Snake River Head Coach Mike Saunders. "We got a try on a counter-attack and that was the big different for us."

Snake won the territorial game against Portland, but lost it against ORSU.

"We just had a lot of trouble getting out of our 22," said Saunders. "We'd kick it and miss tough and they'd be right back on us again. Our loose forwards played valiantly, but we just didn't have enough possession."

In the end, Snake left Oregon 6-2, and in 1st place in the South thanks to points difference. and looking ahead, they have three more games, all of them at home.

"We took 30 players on the trip and it was a good team bonding experience, and I think in the end we did enough," said Saunders. "We get to face Portland again in Idaho and we're looking forward to that."

Also at 6-2, ORSU has two games on the road, including a 275-mile trip up I-5 to Chuckanut, who are still in the playoff hunt. Portland is 5-3, and all three remaining matches are on the road.

Who leads in the North? It's not even close. The Eastside Axemen dominate at 7-1.