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With just two weeks of play left, six of the eight teams who will compete in the South quarterfinals have already been decided.

East 2 @ Naples
Augusta @ Little Rock
Nashville @ Old White
Orlando @ East 1

In Florida, Naples has wrapped up first, and Orlando has seemingly wrapped up second.

Orlando leads Miami by two points going into the last week of play. (The South does a unique scoring system: win = three points, tie = two and a loss = 1 point.)

But even if the Griffins lose to Daytona and Miami beats Pelicans, Orlando would presumably advance having won the head-to-head match-up against Miami.

The North was decided last weekend, and Little Rock takes first after nudging past Nashville through point differential. Chattanooga is on the outside looking in after losing to both Little Rock and Nashville.

In the South-South, a tad bit of controversy sees Birmingham through to the playoffs. Atlanta Old White beat Birmingham for the top seed, but used players CIPPed after the USA Rugby deadline. Therefore, the match was deemed a forfeit and Birmingham takes the South’s top seed. Old White appealed the decision to the USA Rugby South, but it was upheld.

Augusta takes second in the South-South and gets the prize of having to travel to Little Rock.

The one division still up in the air is the East. With two weeks left to play, three of the league’s five teams still have a shot at not just the playoffs, but the league title. Cape Fear and Bragg are eliminated.

Greenville leads Columbia by one and Charleston by two in the league table.

If Greenville wins its last two games, against Columbia and Bragg, it wins the East.

If Columbia beats Greenville and Charleston, it wins the league. If Charleston wins out, and Greenville loses one of its last two, Charleston wins the league.

The South quarterfinals are hosted by the higher seed April 14. The semifinals and finals are in Little Rock April 28-29. The top two finishers then advance to the National Round of 16 in Cheswick, Pa.