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The former Cal captain rebounded well after surgery on his foot in December to take charge of the the NYAC effort midway through the season. He has started to get a lot more touches of the ball, and loves it.

"I do like that [coach] Bruce [McLane] wants to put the ball in my hands more as a ballcarrier," Stanfill told "I feel this is part of my getting back into form. Putting myself into position to get the ball on the front foot is important for a playing style like mine. Hard, straight lines are my M.O."

Stanfill remains eager to work his way back onto the USA team, and says he still has the fire and drive to do that. 

But right now, it's about winning a championship. 

"We have some serious talent on this year's squad," Stanfill said. "We are far from a finished product, but there is no reason we can't compete for the Super League title. Neil McMillian has been an excellent addition to the NYAC squad, not only as a player, but also as an unofficial strength and conditioning coach. I have been working with him the entire season in the gym and credit my getting back into game fitness and pushing myself to my limit in the gym due to his leadership and knowledge. We have many standout players on the team, both American-born and international. We all work hard and play hard and I have all the confidence in the world in each one of my teammates to get the job done on any given game day."