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Tempe continues to lead the Arizona DII club league and at 7-0 look ahead to a game against 5-2 Scottsdale this weekend.

Tempe is, as usual, pushed by rivals Red Mountain, who sit at 6-1, having lost only to Tempe (24-10 on Feb 15).  Those two get their rematch on March 29.

"The team is playing well now," said Tempe Coach Junior Faasoo. "I do believe that this has been a product of the past years re-building process, and of course we're playing with confidence. One key component is the players are healthy and that is huge going into the second half if the season and into the playoffs."

Faasoo said there's nothing fancy about how the team plays.

"It's a simple philosophy - you show up to practice and work hard and the results will follow."

In a league where the four DII clubs also play DIII clubs as part of their season, Tempe is averaging 67 points a game, while allowing just over 13.

Red Mountain's numbers are even better, but they still have that 24-10 loss to Tempe on their record.

Arizona W L T Pf Pa Pd BT BL Pts
Tempe 7 0 0 469 96 373 6 0 34
Red Mountain 6 1 0 474 89 385 6 0 30
Scottsdale 5 2 0 233 164 69 4 0 24
Phoenix 2 5 0 190 351 -161 3 1 12