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Tempe soundly defeated Oceanside 52-8 for a spot in the final eight of the Men’s DII playoffs Saturday.

 Although the game ended with a lopsided score line, the early stages of the game were close.  Oceanside jumped out to an early 5-0 lead and were deep in Tempe territory when Chris Isofu intercepted an Oceanside pass and took it 80 meters for a try.

 “That really jump started us,” captain Brandon Thompson told Rugbymag. “The rest of the game we played we extreme fluidity and continuity.”

 The great continuity came as a result of fantastic play from the Teafu brothers.  Austin, Adrian and Alex, who play 9,10 and 15 really drove a potent Tempe back line.  Combined with the speed and tenacity of outside center Ryan Thompson, Tempe provides matchup problems for many opponents.

 Tempe was able to dominate in set piece and starve Oceanside of possession.

 “We drove them back in the scrum and are line outs were fantastic,” Thompson added.

 Rueben Villegas, Brandon Lambrecht and Kakalia Pula made up the front row that had a tremendous day and really dominated in the scrum.

 Tempe will play a talented Glendale side in the next round. Tempe has met Glendale a few times but those have been in friendlies and usually have not been full Glendale sides.

 “We know our opponents are going to have wonderful ball skills.  We expect them to be very disciplined and very smart with the ball.”

 Glendale has put up impressive numbers all season, so it will be a tough test for Tempe.  The game will take place in Dallas on May 17th