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Undefeated going into this weekend’s clash with Schuylkill River, the Norfolk Blues aren’t satisfied.

“We have started off well but to be honest we feel like we aren’t where we should be yet,” said Ed Stockunas. “We haven’t dominated games.”

As a result, the team had two very intense practices this week, and while they are not looking past other teams, they are thinking about the level they have to play at come playoff time.

“We’re winning but we’re not winning the way we should,” explained Stockunas. “Everybody after the games say there are things we could have done better: ball handling, fitness. Once you get past your region it’s a different level. If we just think about wining league games we won’t be mentally of physically prepared.”

What’s nagging at the backs of the Blues’ minds is their loss in the national quarterfinals, when the Boston Irish Wolfhounds defeated them 11-5.

“That loss really hurt,” said Stockunas. “And it took us a while to get over it. I’ve had tough losses before but that one stuck with us for a while.”

Looking to this weekend, Stockunas points to Schuylkill River’s run to the national 7s club final as an indication they won’t be easy.

“I am sure are going to be decent in the backs,” he said. “I got the Norfolk 7s team going again this past summer and our guys hadn’t played 7s in a while. They got a rude awakening playing Schuylkill River, and I know some of the guys we’re facing this weekend played 7s for them.”