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A week of for SFGG gave some of the PRP players and some who are itching for playing time a chance to lay against Park City Haggis out of Utah.

The result was a 24-22 victory for SFGG, but it was just as important to rest up some players too. It's been a tough beginning to the season, said open side flanker and club resident Bruce Thomas, and while SFGG is undefeated in the PRP, it's an imperfect n defeated.

"we have had to tidy things up too much," Thomas told "Yes we're winning, but there's this idea that as Golden Gate we have throw these 50-50 passes. [Head Coach] Alex Houser has tried to instill some discipline, because we know you can't play rugby without the rugby ball."

Thomas also points to the set piece, where SFGG struggled against Glendale, and defense.

Against Glendale we missed 36 tackles," Thomas said. "That's an astronomical number. We have guys who like to hit hard, but you've got to complete the tackle."

on the plus side, SFGG managed their 4-0 record despite having Volney Rouse out with the flu for half the time. They also have enjoyed seeing two new players start to make plays. Recent Cal grad Brendan Daly has been one of them. The lock is a try-scoring machine, and has energized the SFGG lineout. 

"He's a big guy, an athlete, and we needed someone like him, the way Samu [Manoa] was," said Thomas. "Generally we've always been a bit of a short team, but now we have Mike Stack and Brendan and that's great for us. In the loose Brendan has been great and he's scored at least three tries carrying people over the line or running over tacklers."

The other addition is Tai Enosa. Having left the USA 7s program, Enosa may have found a home at SFGG. He played some flyhalf in place of the ill Rouse, but Enosa seems to be most dangerous at fullback, where he is startlingly elusive.

"I just don't think I have every seen a fullback who makes guys miss every time he fields a kick," said Thomas. "Everyone will make a guy miss once in a while, but he does it every time, in now space. I don't know how he does it."

:Looking ahead, SFGG will go on the road for the first time all season. Certainly starting the season at home has helped them get to 4-0, but Thomas isn't so sure.

"We have always traveled really well," he said. "Logistically it's really tough, but in terms of how we play, we've been OK on the road."

And they're OK at home, too.