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Men's and women's qualifiers for USA Rugby's National Championships are indicated in the two columns furthest to the right of the table below.

For the men, the West, Pacific Coast and Texas are running three-tournament series, Southern California and Mid-Atlantic have four-tournament series, the Midwest and Northeast have five tournaments, and the qualification method for teams in the old South is unknown.

Each competitive region will get two bids to Nationals, except Texas, which gets just one. Hawaii also receives one bid.

Much of the women's qualification process across the country is still unknown, too. And USA Rugby has not yet divulged the location of the 2014 club championships.

If you want your summer 7s tournament included in the list below, or you see an inaccuracy, please email [email protected]


Collegiate Rugby Championships Philadelphia, PA


Midnight 7s Las Vegas, NV

Capitol City 7s Des Moines, IA

Garden City 7s Garden City, KS

Belleville 7s Belleville, IL

Elite City 7s Houston, TX


Madtown 7s Madison, WI Midwest

Rockaway 7s Queens, NY

Ethos 7s Corte Madera, CA

Tempe 7s Tempe, AZ

Midnight 7s Atlanta, GA

Mid-Atlantic Mid-Atlantic

Denver 7s Denver West

Firehouse 7s Chicago Midwest

Worcester 7s Worcester, MA

Monmouth 7s Lincroft, NJ Northeast

OC Ravens 7s

Bloodfest Austin, TX

Tempe 7s Tempe, AZ SoCal

Lakefront 7s Milwaukee, WI Midwest

Newport 7s Newport, RI Northeast

Tri-State 7s Danbury, CT

SFGG 7s San Francisco, CA Pac Coast

Palo Alto 7s Palo Alto, CA

Santa Monica 7s Santa Monica, CA SoCal

TX Qualifier Austin, TX Texas

Fountain City 7s Kansas City, MO

Wilmington 7s Wilmington, DE Mid-Atlantic Mid-Atlantic

Ruckstar 7s Dallas, TX


Red Dirt 7s Oklahoma City, OK

Cape Fear 7s Wilmington, NC


Heartland 7s Kansas City, MO West

Cin City 7s Cincinnati Midwest

Springfield 7s Springfield, MA Northeast

Blazing 7s Morristown, NJ

Sacramento 7s Sacramento, CA Pac Coast

Palo Alto 7s Palo Alto, CA

Santa Barbara 7s Santa Barbara, CA

TX Qualifier TBD Texas

Parrothead 7s Tulsa, OK

Toys for Tots 7s Des Moines, IA

Rocky Gorge 7s Columbia, MD Mid-Atlantic Mid-Atlantic

Rock Hard 7s Grand Rapids, MI Midwest

Saratoga 7s Saratoga, NY

NJ 7s South Brunswick, NJ Northeast

Belmont Shore 7s Long Beach, CA SoCal

Sweat 7s Little Rock, AR


Omaha 7s Omaha, NE West

New Haven 7s New Haven, CT Northeast

Palo Alto 7s Palo Alto, CA

Stanford 7s Palo Alto, CA Pac Coast

OMBAC 7s San Diego, CA SoCal

TX Qualifier TBD Texas

Midnight 7s Stillwater, OK

Mid-Atlantic Ships Columbia, MD Mid-Atlantic Mid-Atlantic

7s By the Sea Corpus Christi, TX


Mudfish 7s Dallas, TX

Elvis 7s Memphis, TN


Club Championships