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Los Teros

The first three matches of the inaugural Americas Rugby Championships were held in the United States, and the remaining two will be in Brazil and Uruguay. It will be informative to list the attendance of these US home games, and for all of the matches,

Round One                             Attendance

Chile v. Brazil                               400

Canada v. Uruguay                   1,123

USA v. Argentina                     10,241 (Houston)

Round Two

Brazil v. Uruguay                        3,500

Argentina v. Chile                     17,500

USA v. Canada                            7,451 (Austin)

Round Three

USA v. Chile                                    5,101 (Ft. Lauderdale)

Uruguay v. Argentina                   6,000

Canada v. Brazil                             1,865

Houston has hosted international test matches in previous years against Ireland and Italy, both times exceeding 10,000. Approximately, 7,500 at red Rock Stadium in Austin seems like a fair number for the area. And, 5,000 in Ft. Lauderdale also seems reasonable for a southern Florida rugby community.

Only Argentina at home generated many more attendees than the three USA venues. For the other South American sides, it will be a task to find more fans for rugby, a secondary sport to soccer football in these countries.

Two ARC matches remain in the six nation tournament.