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Last Sunday, witnessed the completion of the Americas Pacific Challenge held in Montevideo, Uruguay where second sides from six nations competed. The Argentina XV trounced their three opponents scoring 238 points for to 38 against. The Junior Pumas represented a higher standard of play against the other A grade sides. For the record, Argentina beat Uruguay A 82-7, Samoa A 85-14, and Canada 71-17.

The USA Selects at 2-1 achieved second place in the six team standings. The Eagles fashioned wins against Uruguay A 49-36 and 45-26 against Canada A, losing to Samoa A 48-26 in the opener. The Canadians at 0-3 were the only side not to win a match in the event.

It would be more equitable to this tournament if Argentina were dropped next year, perhaps, substituting Brazil A or Chile A into that slot. Los Pumas averaged 76 points for and 13 against, routing opposition in the process. Judgmentally, the Argentineans would have prevailed by similar large margins against the USA Selects and Tonga A, the two sides they did not play.

For the USA Selects, the event provided needed international experience to many players.

The final standings were:

Country           Win     Loss     For Against  Points

Argentina XV 3          0          238        38          15

USA Selects    2          1          120      110         11

Tonga A           2          1            87        77           10

Samoa A          1          2           90       142           7

Uruguay A        1          2          77       156            6

Canada A         0          3           58       147            1