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The University of Wisconsin carried some baggage with them into the USA 7s CRC Saturday at PPL Park.

First of all, no one really thought of them as a 7s powerhouse, despite the fact they had won the Big 10.

Second, one of their best players, Ben Knight, came with the team only as a manager, as he is injured.

Still, after tying Temple 12-12 and beating Penn State in a close one 19-15, the Badgers, despite a humbling loss to Life at the end of the day, are into the Cup Quarterfinals.

“Overall we’re happy,” said Andrew Hanske, sporting a newly-broken nose.  “We moved on in the comp, which is what we came here to do. We’re matched up with the defending champs. But we accomplished what we wanted to.”

It was a rough note to end on, losing to Life 36-12.

“It was the last game of the day, and some of the guys were pretty tired, but we also didn’t take care of the ball very well,” said Hanske. “You need the ball to score, and if the other team has the ball they’re going to be able to score. They did really well on kickoffs.”

Without Knight all the players have stepped up, said Hanske, and playing in front of a large and loud crowd at the CRC helped, too.

“It’s a whole lot of fun,” he said. “It’s really cool going through that tunnel. All of the guys are loving this.”