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Kenya is in the Plate Final after perhaps the most flat-out exciting match at the 2011 USA 7s.

This was a barnburner between Kenya and Australia which featured some big tackles, lots of slick passing and adventurous play on both sides.

Australia opened the scoring with a try from Bernard Foley, and then with the first half winding down, Collins Injera somehow conjured a gap out of nothing to dive over. 7-5 Australia led at halftime.

Teams love it when they score right before halftime or right after. Kenya had to be ecstatic when Oscar Ouma motored over with less than a second gone.

Foley answered, then Kenya's Sidney Ashioya. With about a minute to go Kenya led 17-14. But they weren't done yet. Australia were patient and smart, worked the sidelines and then put John Grant away on a gutsy run up the right sideline. Hamish Angus hit the conversion with time essentially up to make it 21-17. But unlike in some other games Sunday, referee Stuart Berry allowed one more kickoff.

Kenya made the most of it. They kept the ball alive and, unlike earlier in the match, avoided contact. Finally, after a driving maul that sucked in four or five players, Kenya spun it out to Injera, who had players outside but opted to cut back through a hole and stretch over for the winning try. Pandemonium. 24-21. That was Injera's 9th try, easily leading the tournament.

In the second Plate Final Argentina ran out to a 7-0 lead when Diego Palma did a classic Puma grubber kick and chase.

But Samoa didn't panic and gladly forced Argentina into contact. Fautua Otto was the main beneficiary, scoring two straight to get the scoreline on the Samoan side. The Samoans pressed the issue and pulled away, forcing the smaller Argentina side to make increasingly toll-taking tackles.

Argentina scored late and looked to press for another, but the punishing Samoan defense held them off.

So Kenya v. Samoa in the final, with two very different styles of play.