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The Blazing 7s is a new tournament that is coming to the 2014 Empire GU Series on Saturday, July 12th. The New Jersey Blaze and Morris Rugby Corporations will host the tournament. 

Divisions & Entry Fees

Men’s EGU Championship Series  – $325
Women’s EGU Championship Series  – $325
Men’s Club  – $325
Women’s Club  – $325

Men’s Social  – $325
Women’s Social  – $325

Men’s Over 35 – $275
Player ID required on game day

HS Boys – $250
HS Girls – $250

U15s Boy’s – $150


Central Park of Morris County is a brand new facility with 4 turf fields that are side by side. Parking is available on site. Grass areas adjacent to the field will be available for teams to set up portable tents and congregate. Food Vendors will be onsite.

For additional tournament information contact: Omar Rivera at 973-900-0028 or [email protected] 

For registration information contact: Val Gibson at [email protected]

For more information: