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The 45th annual Can Am tournament welcomed over 100 Women’s and Men’s sides to the scenic Adirondack Forest region of upper New York State. Just a  few miles from Lake Placid, the event continues to be the summer fun event for New England, New York State, Midwest, and visiting Canadian teams.

What has made the event such a popular, mid summer venue is the camaraderie and enthusiasm that transpires each July. The tournament runs three divisions for the Very Old Boys, a chance to huff and puff and enjoy the memories of matches past.

The winners of the three Old Boy Divisions (clubs in parentheses)

Over 35 (6)

Brockport 22 – Wild Rovers 0

Over 45 (10)

Red 13 – Connecticut Grey 11

Over 50 (8)

Old Breed 21 – Connecticut Grey 0

The Women play in one Club Division, without, to date, mounting enough sides for an Old Girls’ event. The winner again was Beantown from Boston, a class above the other clubs, and the usual winner of the Division.

Women’s Clubs (29)

Beantown 31 – Purple Reign 7

The Men’s Club was dominated by Detroit’s East Side Hyenas who won the Men’s Club and lost in the championship of the Men’s Social Division.

Men’s Club and Social (48)

Club: East Side Hyenas A 57 – Caves and Ditches 10

Social: Mountaineers 26 – East Side Hyenas B 20

Congratulations to the winners and participants.