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Canada lost 19-10 to Fiji in Saturday's USA 7s action. The result was just enough to keep the USA in the hunt for a spot in the Cup Quarterfinals.

Canada needed to lose by less than 8 to ensure a possibility of a Cup Quarter spot. They almost did it, defending against Fiji superbly and working hard to force turnovers.

With the game almost over Nathan Hirayama squirmed out of two tackles and just made the line to make it 19-10 Fiji. Hirayama, one of the best goalkickers in the Sevens Woirld Series, lined up the difficult kick, and, unfortunately for him and Canada, shanked it.

As a result, Canada finished pool play 1-2 with a points difference of -9.

The USA is 0-2 and -21, Argentina 1-1 and +5. Argentina just needs to win or tie to advance along with Fiji.

Argentina can also advantage by losing by 12 or less (thus giving them a 1-2 record and a points difference no worse than -7).

The USA needs to beat Argentina by 13 or more. If the Eagles win by 13, they will be ahead of Canada on points difference with a --8. Argentina will also have a -8, and will lose out to USA on head-to-head.