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If there’s a Pool of Death in the USA 7s Collegiate Rugby Championship this coming weekend at PPL Park, have a look at Pool E.

Delaware finished 3rd in USA Rugby’s college 7s championships in December, and made the 2012 CRC quarterfinals, where they were beaten by Life 12-5.

Florida, who won the CRC Challenger Bracket (basically the Plate) in 2012, going 3-2. Life, which finished 2nd in USA Rugby’s 7s championships and 4th at the 2012 CRC. And Texas, which made the 2012 CRC quarters.

So here you have three teams that made the 2012 quarterfinals, and best team that didn’t. Someone is going to be very disappointed.

Life and Delaware are relatively similar programs. They take their 7s seriously, and have a speedy guy who can organize the attack (Delaware’s Jimmy Kowalski, and Life’s Colton Cariaga) and a tall guy who can run and power over people (Life’s Cam Dolan, and Delaware’s Glen Thommes). Much of the conventional wisdom has it that fatigue can be a factor in the CRC. A team, such as Life, that played in a national final as recently as May 18 might be too flagged.

So while Life is an extremely fit squad with tons of talent and good coaching, might they be a little tired? Certainly Life will be happy to play Texas on Friday, and the two games on Saturday will keep them fresh. Still Delaware v. Life Saturday evening promises to be a key match.

Florida is still a tough team that learned to win last year. They are in position to pull of an upset, but in the end, this pool does come down to Life v. Delaware. Look for Life to win it, but if fatigue is a factor, the Blue Hens could easily pounce, and Sunday may well be a day too far for the Running Eagles.

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