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In November 2006, Rugby Magazine announced the new venue and the dates for the 2007 USA Sevens tournament., scheduled for February 10 in Petco Park, San Diego. Previously for three-years, the tournament under ownership and operation by USA Rugby, had run the event in the Home Depot Center Los Angeles.

The rights to the tournament had been purchased by entrepreneur Jon Prusmack (founder and minority shareholder of Rugby Magazine). Prusmack owned a successful company in Rockland County, New York, that manufactured military shelters.

The first inkling of the changeover came when Ray Peterson, an event manager, was named in charge of the 2006 event but without citing the new ownership. The second announcement with the hiring of Dan Lyle, also, earlier in 2006.

The November 2006 article touted all the benefits in San Diego, including a heightened party atmosphere, an enlarged Fan Festival, and the new home inside the San Diego Padres’ Petco Park stadium.

The reason for the move from LA to more rugby centric San Diageo was “…to better accommodate and entertain USA’s rugby fan base.”

After three-years in San Diego of moderate success and sometimes cold and damp weather, the tournament moved again, this time to warmer, livelier Las Vegas. In March 2019, the USA Sevens will celebrate its 10th anniversary in that Nevada city