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There are actually two Hong Kong Sevens tournaments next week, the seventh stop on the HSBC World Rugby circuit for sixteen-teams, and also the twelve nations lesser tournament, which determines who will be the new core team next year (2016/2017). In addition, this year's winner also goes to the London Sevens in May.

The twelve teams in their three pools are:

Pool E - Zimbabwe, Hong Kong, Cayman Islands, and Germany

Pool F - Spain, Mexico, Chile, and Papua New Guinea

Pool G - Japan, Brazil, Morocco, and Tonga

For sevens fans accustomed to seeing the core sides in their familiar jerseys, the secondary tournament affords a panoply of colorful kit from around the world. And, the display of flags rarely seen also adds cultural and colorful interest.

What started in 1976 in Hong Kong as a pan-Asian event has blossomed into a global party, with an estimated 120,000 fans engaged in watching the three-day spectacle in a stadium built for sevens. The Cup winner will take home $100,000.

Cathay Pacific is again the title sponsor. Only a week away from the 28-team event, the biggest party on the world's seven’s stage.