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Kenya outscored Argentina 21-7 to take the Plate title at USA Sevens Sunday.

Argentina scored first with an Agustin Migliore try and Valentin Cruz conversion, but it was Kenya the rest of the way. First Sidney Ashioya dotted down and Nato Linus Simiyu converted.

Then it looked like would score, as he flattened an Argentine tackler and sprinted into the try zone, but knocked on as he grounded the ball, leaving the halftime margin at 14-7.

To open the second half, Kenya put the pressure on again, drawing a penalty. Ashioya quick-tapped, fended an Argentine defender and offloaded to Humphrey Kayange, who scored under the posts.

Kenya nearly scored again off of a grubber, but Argentina grounded the ball first. Argentina’s 22-meter drop went out the back of Kenya’s try zone, bringing the ball all the way back to Argentina’s 22 for a Kenya scrum.

The two teams traded possession a couple of more times before Humphrey Kayange ripped the ball from Argentina. Ashioya and Kayange passed back and forth before getting the ball to Leon Adongo who scored at the death.