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The Dream Team at the recent Women’s Sevens in Japan featured two selections from Canada, England, and France, and one from the USA. Notably absent were any players from New Zealand or Australia, perhaps, for the first time ever in the history of all the past Dream Team series selections.

Dream Team

Karen Paquin – Canada

Alex Matthews – England

Chole Pelle – France

Anne Cecile Ciofani – France

Alev Kelter – USA

Ghislaine Landry – Canada

Holly Atchison – England

Charlotte Caslick of Australia was named the DHL Player of the Tournament.

Low Score/High Score

The event produced several uncharacteristic results, most surprisingly, no Black Fern or Wallaroos sides in the semifinal rounds. In addition, two matches had unusual scoring outcomes.

With time running out the clock in the Canada v. England final, the score stood Red Roses 5 against Canada 0. The Canadians managed a try at the death and a conversion to end the game 7-5. The twelve-point total must represent one of the lowest totals in a sevens Women’s or Men’s series final.

Equally irregular was the outcome of the New Zealand and Australia match for fifth place. The Black Ferns led 29-0 at the half, and then 34-0 at the nine-minute mark.  But then, a somnambulistic Wallaroos side awoke and scored 26-points in the remaining five-minutes, losing 34-26, to total a high, two team tallly of 60-points.