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University of Texas 7s Head Coach Jacob Liberman says he expects to take his Longhorns 7s team to the Las Vegas Invitational even though they don’t need to go there.

Texas has received an invitation to the USA 7s CRC in June, and as a result doesn’t need to play in the CRC Qualifier at the LVI Feb 7-9, 2013.

But Liberman said it’s worth going anyway.

“Las Vegas may well be my favorite event of all of them,” said Liberman. “You get to play all these different teams, teams you haven’t seen before, and you do it in the atmosphere of the USA 7s.”

Having the international tournament, the USA 7s, held during the same time as the LVI and right next door is a huge attraction for Liberman’s players.

“To be able to play in this tournament, as a time when we’re sort of gearing up for the spring, is great. But in addition, we get to see the internationals play and see what that next level is. It’s great for the players to see the execution and the level of player in the big tournament,” he said.

Liberman said he encourages any college team, even if they’ve been already invited to the CRC, to go to the LVI as well.

“It’s an amazing experience for the guys and to see the international rugby,” he said. “The guys have to dig deep financially and academically to get to all of these tournaments, but I think it’s worth it. More teams should see the LVI as an event on its own rather than just a qualifier for the CRC. It’s an amazing event and an unbelievable atmosphere.”

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