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Missouri has signed up to return to Las Vegas and compete in a 15s challenge match at the LVI. The Tigers, who played Arizona last year, are excited to return.

“We enjoyed going down last time we played the 15s challenge match. We think it’s just a good opportunity to play high-quality rugby,” said Mizzou player/coach Matt Brotemarkle.

“We were very excited last year we got to take on Arizona. Unfortunately, we lost to them, but we thought it was definitely a learning experience, so we’re going down this year in hopes to just better ourselves against better quality teams.”

In addition to playing 15s, Mizzou is going to try its hand at 7s in the CRC Qualification bracket. The Tigers had scheduling conflicts during a couple of fall 7s events, so this will be their first foray into the abbreviated game this season.

“We’re just wanting to throw our hat into that and see where it would take us,” added Brotemarkle.

“The guys are really excited about it. With 7s coming into the Olympics and being such a big deal now in the US, a lot of guys want to see what they can do with it and see where it’ll take them, and I told them this was the first step to kind of be seen.”