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World Rugby has announced the location and dates for the men’s and women’s regional association Olympic Games qualification tournaments, which will take place from June – November 2019.

With the top four placed teams in the men’s and women’s HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series the first to guarantee Olympic qualification, the regional qualifiers will form the heart of a truly global qualification process that promotes universality and competitivity. 

In the men’s regional qualifiers there are a maximum of six qualification places available with tournaments taking place across each of the six World Rugby regions; Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania, South America and North America. The winner of each tournament will secure their ticket to Tokyo 2020.

The women’s regional qualifiers will take place across the six World Rugby regions with the winners of Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania and South America automatically securing their ticket to Tokyo 2020.

In the case of North America, should two women’s teams qualify from the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series, there will not be a direct qualification place from the region. The two highest-ranked teams will automatically go into the World Rugby Olympic Repechage tournament, where the top two teams would secure Olympic qualification.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Regional Qualification tournament schedule:

1-2 JUNE, 2019:

South America - Lima, Peru (women’s)

29- 30 JUNE, 2019:

South America – Santiago, Chile (men’s)

6-7 JULY, 2019:

North America – George Town, Cayman Islands (combined)

13-14 JULY, 2019:

European - Colomiers, France (men’s)

13-14 JULY, 2019:

European - Kazan, Russia (women’s)

7-9 NOVEMBER, 2019:

Oceania – Suva, Fiji (combined)

9-10 NOVEMBER, 2019:

Asia – Guangzhou, China (women’s)

23-24 NOVEMBER, 2019:

Asia – Incheon, Korea (men’s)

TBC, 2019:   

Africa - Men’s and Women’s qualifier

TBC, 2020:

Olympic Games Repechage

The final opportunity for Olympic qualification will be at the men’s and women’s World Rugby Olympic Repechage tournament which will take place in a window between the end of the regional qualifiers and June 2020. It will feature 12 women’s and 12 men’s teams with the second and third team in each regional competition invited to participate.